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The problem

Mothers currently carry the double burden of homeschooling their children while having to work from home, including being responsible for a significant portion of unpaid domestic work. Outbreaks of disease often result in gendered impacts*, and due to the isolation and lack of supportive community and resources, mothers (in particular those who stay at home) silently suffer from economic, psychological, and gender-based inequality. As a result of the drastic reduction in opportunities to share and develop their talent and skills and generate their own economic independence caused by the current crisis, mothers are in dire need of a supportive community through which they can regain their psychological and economic well-being.

Before the Global Hack

This idea is new, inspired by the struggles all of us are currently facing every day, with nothing prepared or ready beforehand.  We met each other for the first time here in the hackathon through Slack. We all became inspired and enthusiastic about this idea that has personally and deeply affected each one of us and our families.

What we manage to do during the hackathon?

We have built a peer-to-peer support platform in the mobile app for stay-at-home moms to connect, learn and earn. During a 48 hour period we researched the needs and unique situation of women and moms, interviewed potential users to validate the concept, developed the technical solution, content and principles on how this solution will help to address the immediate needs of mothers, as well as build mom communities. The immediate peer-to-peer support works through users of the platform directly contacting each other based on the requests published, and the help provided is rewarded by exchangeable time-based “momtalent units” to use for different help and support from others.  Backend side is based on Parse platform and deployed on Heroku. Frontend is built on native Android SDK, using Kotlin language and Google architecture components.

Our next steps / plans

We would like to build a permanent peer-to-peer support, learn and earn platform and website, then market and scale it worldwide starting from our own different home countries and social networks. The platform will be built with further support features, like a growing knowledge database, e-courses, collaboration and co-creation spaces. The next steps would be to grow into a strong support, inspiration and growth community of mothers, initially online, and then extended in the physical world for empowering seminars, meetups, and collaborative activities for women.

Expected impact

We are addressing the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak on women by supporting and building mothers’ and women’s resilience, sense of community and belonging. It also strengthens the families and kids’ wellbeing due to taking the stress and overburden off the mothers’ shoulders, thus, resulting in a positive impact on society in general.  Our mission is directly reflected in the mission statement of Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, UN Under-Secretary-General and UN Women Executive Director, when she stated, “ Globally, women make up 70 per cent of frontline workers in the health and social sector, like nurses, midwives, cleaners and laundry workers. We need mitigation strategies that specifically target both the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak on women and that support and build women’s resilience”**

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** “COVID-19: Women Front and Centre.” UN Women,



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