The current Covid19 pandemic is putting unprecedented strains on our healthcare systems and the people working in it to save lives amidst a mostly unknown virus, little-known treatments and a severe global shortage of medical equipment for the patients and PPE for medical staff.

As a result, medical workers are at a high risk of burn-out. The short-term effects of widespread burnout amongst medical workers can be reduced attention, motivation, heightened risk of errors - a downward spiral for quality of healthcare for Covid19 patients. The long-term, worst case outcomes are disproportionately high rates of depression, substance abuse, and suicide by our physicians.

Simultaneously, movement restrictions are putting many (often local) businesses out of business, especially in the hospitality sector. With an impeding economic crisis and mass-unemployment, people in these sectors are also a high-risk population, if they loose hope in their future.

From a Mental Health standpoint, there are simple ways to prevent burn-out: facilitate self-care. Self-care can be as simple as having a good meal and feeling appreciated by others.

What it does

Our solution is a concept to be implemented by existing food delivery platforms to keep it:  simple, cheap and fast to implement, maximum reach, using existing technical infrastructure, potential for future partnerships with NGOs and government to help other groups of our population with high mental health risk.

We have developed the user stories to

  1. Prioritize the delivery of orders from medical staff
  2. Enable the capture of preferences upfront to facilitate recurring delivery of favourite foods.
  3. Make a donation
  4. Add appreciation messages to order confirmation

How I built it

Our solution went through 4 draft iterations, for each of which we sought feedback from mentors and potential future users.

Challenges I ran into

Without developer skills in our team, we focused on the concept. However, this forced us to keep it as technically simple as possible, yet maximise its impact.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our solution is not just a business-driven solution. It is shaped by important mental health guidelines, experiences and is focused on achieving a positive mental health impact in the actions that donors, restaurant owners, delivery platforms and governments can take to protect our Medical Staff.

What I learned

Hackathons are fun!  Mental Health is complex. There are simple but effective ways to change paradigms, to change how we express gratitude and how businesses and product designers can integrate this into their work.

What's next for More Than Clapping (Team 457)

We would like to work help set up an MVP with existing Swiss food delivery platforms, a hospital and local restaurants.




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