What if we co-work and create an all inclusive open source peer to peer platform where every person and movement in the world can connect and unite? What-for? Creating a new socio-economic model together and build new paradigm apps that serve humanity!

This is the main project that we want to build > Mother Arc is a Research Center and Web-Platform designed to enable the co-creative construction of a New Systems Blueprint. At Mother Arc, individuals and groups have access to a secure and structured tool whereby they can collaborate, explore  and design a different type of existence from bottom up. See demo video Mother Arc.

We are creating a tool which enables collective co-creation of New Systems Models. The Mother Arc Portal will be a space where the public global community, individuals and groups, can submit and discuss their ideas and research for sustainable solutions. It's also a platform for like minded members to meet and collaborate. Our ultimate goal is to bring forward conscious human evolution by providing the space and mechanism for human creativity and intelligence to organize, design and implement them for all sectors of society. What inspired me to enter this hackathon is the current momentum that we want to optimize our society and create solutions, firstly because of the COVID-19 situation, however most importantly perhaps, how can we create a better world for all after the crisis?

On a personal note > I am a co-founder of [United Earth], coordinator at [WorldSummit], co-founder of [Mother Arc], director of the [Mother Earth Trust], director of [Unifinity EU] and [Climate Reality Leader]. I am also a Digital Nomad, co-creating on a [Synergy Hub Network], [HackHumanity], and the [Earth Dollar], a digital currency backed by the health of our planet. I do this all to support the momentum towards the new paradigm. In October 2012 was the book launch of 'Quasar, THE NEW WORLD': a plan of 180 recommendations for a new regenerative world. Currently I am co-creating on UNIFINITY (Regenerative Business Development), HackHumanity, Mother Arc, LiveHOPE, WorldSummit, United Earth, GAIA, Synergy Hub Network and Awareness Tools. I am always looking for innovative concepts or unusual combinations to achieve a unique and useful tool. Before my writing period, I worked for several engineering firms in the Netherlands and Germany. This as a freelance project coordinator HVAC-installations. I have coordinated over 50 projects between 1985-2010.

Motivation > Between 2000-2010 I realized the current social, economical and governance systems are outdated and not sustainable so I decided in 2010 to quit my job to study alternative models and co-create on developing regenerative systems. The projects and tools will support Humanity's Phase Shift towards a better world for all. We are building these tools & platforms by finding and connecting social capital (resources of our joined skills & gifts) to manifest positive change.

Experiences > In 2016/2017 we started a Synergy Hub project in Rotterdam, NL, to Unify groups from all over the world. It was a great challenge to overcome 'illusionary' borders and learn about shadows, ego's, closed membranes, personal agenda's, sub-conscious attachments etc., however it was a truly rich and life-learning experience to understand what truly binds us, how great it feels to synergize with others, processes about our differences, the beauty of sharing our gifts, and how turn them into positive outcomes.

I am proud that I followed my intuition and heart to find / create my life 'mission' that really makes me feel intrinsically motivated inside, joyful, and to be able to do the right thing for Humanity. I learned to listen, be patient, and also to follow words / ideas with pro-active acting. That being said I am especially proud how so many, millions and millions of people, are intrinsically motivated to create a better world for all and we together are 'driving' to push this new world to be born. This en-lights my heart, soul and spirit :)

Our challenges are finding a balanced team with the needed technological programming knowledge to build the platform / App > based on Blockchain / Holochain / AI / IoT / VR. We have worked out plans with the detailed features and create a video-demo to show what you can find / do at the project.

Overall planning after The Global Hack > to Hack Humanity.

We are also looking forward to build these future Apps >

Live Volunteer Guide >  You would go on the app to find a volunteer position, refine your search and get support from the live volunteer guide chat. It could be anywhere in the world! There will be a focused effort on reuniting families with the help of a transition specialist volunteer. You would travel there through a newly built hyperloop that was finished in record time without the obstacles of money and with the help of the global academic community (the forum on the app) in the most efficient and least destructive way while being transparent to the public.

Forum App > The forum app is the global center for communication on important things. A project or a problem is posted and we all participate on helping find/apply solutions and make collective decisions. Resource Management Guides help us understand the data and make sure we stay within Earths carrying capacity using the scientific method with a focus on ensuring Earths continued homeostasis.

Housing & Events App >  In this new city you would click on the housing app to help you find a community and home that best fits your needs. Refine your search, virtually tour the homes/communities and get guidance from a volunteer if needed. Easily find friends, fun things to do, projects to collaborate with and educational opportunities through the events app. No need to advertise and worry about low attendance if its not visible. These events will be advertised by the community in public places because we want to encourage people to be active, inspired and connected!

Food App >  You could easily locate the food and water around you in map form from the app. From food centers to the expansive food forests in parks and streets. Each food center will have tracking and sensor systems to know what has been taken so the machines can restock. The centers would also be connected to the global event calendar to make sure it had enough resources to account for any large events in the area and even cater to their specific diets. Most of the food would be locally sourced with careful census of people moving there (through data from app) to make sure that enough was being grown.

Goods App >  Material goods would also be done similarly in addition to being built by 3D printers on site, built to your specifications. This is also where you drop of things after you are done using them or they are not functioning for repair and restock. From a stapler to a car.

Children’s App >  If you had children you could click on the children area on the app where you could find supplemental support if you need it that would be focused on bringing more happiness and access to a diverse range of opportunities for children to explore. This would be optional – because you can finally have the ability to raise your own child respectably. Through this app you could also find interesting places for children and other families in your community to connect with for play dates  You can find educational materials on the app as well. A wide source of courses, academic studies, live seminars, k-12 educational courses, current experiments you can watch along with and all books in one place.

Medical App > If any of your family gets sick you could log your symptoms immediately into the app and get virtual support from a doctor with follow up on location visit if necessary. See all your medical records in one place from birth to live test results – Xrays, ct scans, blood work, doctors notes etc. You could see every members medical profile at a glance and log any medications. Through this data you could learn more about your families well being and patterns would be easily visible. Mental health support will also be found here 24/7 with specialized transition support counselors to help people adjust to this new life.

Find your way App > Find your way to anywhere! Using the Map function (thing google map) you could easily put in an address and get there.. but you can also see available houses, events, stores, gardens, power generating facilities, communities are made visible, mining facilities and factories – everything becomes transparent.

Environment & Resource App >  Speaking on the factories and facilities – we will have satellites to track pollution and they will be rated on that – each having their own profiles open for comments and connected to the forum. Each team working in these places will naturally want to get better at what they do – they have no interest in making short cuts. They know they are a public service and are working cooperatively with the Earth trying to maintain a balance. We will also log what makes up Earth through a global effort, with the help of volunteer surveyors. We will use the careful application of the scientific method to protect, allocate and ephemeralize (do more with less) the materials to tread as lightly as we can on Earth.

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