The project is inspired by this global confinement. We can no longer attend concerts and artists can no longer work, and have no means of subsistence, especially here in Madagascar. because here, the artists have no social security for the helped. No concerts, no money

What it does

How I built it

we called on the artists who are hired and we asked them to make a video with them and send them to us by email. we started with music known here in Madagascar. We edited all the videos that came in and we had a first version.

Challenges I ran into

It was during the editing of videos that we had a few concerns, because the sounds and images come from smartphones and the quality is not optimal

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the video that we finished with the 15 participants from several cities in France, Madagascar, in 3 days during the Hackaton in Madascar. You should know that the artists do not know each other and it is by watching the video that they saw with whom they shared the experience.

What I learned

Music is universal, and so is its velocity.

What's next for Mozika Sans Frontières

Participate in Global Hack. Continue the initiative because many artists are interested, especially during this confinement. We have a long-term vision with international musicians

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