This is a mult use quarantine app which uses AI technology and geofencing to combat covid -19.This has a voice enabled facility for self diagnose ,location tracking ,emergency assistance etc.

Idea - Multiple featured Quarantine app and  usage of Thermal scanner with drones.

1) This is a multi use quarantine app where patients who are tested positive will install this app and get connected with doctors with just 1-click for any help/support. This app also enables patients to chat or voice call doctor.

2) As we don't have same doctor round the clock, the history of the patient is already captured in the app and any new doctor can help patient with in short time.

3) As and when a doctor updates status of the patient, there will be an information passed to government with details. This will enable government to take necessary decisions.

4) Any news/information that needs to be cascaded to only patients, will be easily communicated through app by government or doctors. 5) Also, this app gives a clear detail of wherever the quarantined patients are available using GPS system. This will give a clear view to government to take necessary decisions. 6) This app can also be installed by patients who are tested negative. Once they install they will be given with different set of scenario questions on daily basis, where the end result gives a probable symptom which may lead to COVID -19 using AI technology. If probable, results cross the accepted score, then automatic notification is triggered to respective parties to action immediately.

7).This app ensures 100% data protection and strictly adhered to all the policies of the Govt. 8 ) Acoustic Throat infection Analysis One of the main feature of this Voice enable app is it detects throat infection with out touching a patient be creating a  voice print of the person when she/ he is completely healthy ,which is used to compare the voice when she/he has an infection.  The technique involves recording a specific words (especially those that emphasize the throat and lungs )spoken by a person using any device ,be it desktop ,tablet ,mobile etc. The recorded sound is processed using an application and analyze to generate a cepstrum using tonal estimation and demodulation of noise. The spectral details help create an acoustic signature of the person . Further recording of the same words by the same person at a later instance can be digitally compared in a classifier with his /her acoustics signature for variations that hint at throat infection. This method can be useful for  preliminary examinations.

9).This is a Voice enabled  Quarantine app with multiple features ,which will track the patients who are in home quarantine and those who have tested positive. And also identify the location of the affected patients so that the locations can be marked as unsafe or risky. The application  track the COVID-19 suspects who have been quarantined through the Geofencing technology, which marks a virtual geographic area and triggers a voice response and alert message  if an individual exits or enters the boundary.  10).Once app is registered with username ,address and Quarantined status (Y/N) the details related to patient would be captured in the main server of Health dept. Main Features

This App permits a person to do preliminary examination(Self assessment Test)  by answering few questions This App will have option of Live Video /audio chat.Its easier for a patient to interact with Health personnel for any queries. Provide regular message/Voice alert  on remaining days  left for a quarantine patient. Provide regular Health tips. Easy to prepare root map of a patient with this app. Option of emergency assistance using SOS facility. This app also give alert (Voice) about intake of medicines on regular intervals. Live updates on Covid -19 In case the GPS data is not received, the location will be obtained automatically through the triangulation of mobile towers. (Triangulation - Multiple towers are used to track the phone's location by measuring the time delay that a signal takes to return back to the towers from the phone. This delay is then calculated into distance and gives a fairly accurate location of the phone.) If the Internet is not working in a certain area, the location will be received through SMS. If the application gets off, an alert will be received immediately. The location of the person can be received by sending an SMS to the device. It allows the sharing of quarantined persons/places photographs on a Google map, uploading geotag image to a server.

Steps to download and register the app.

1.Download the app 2.Enter Name and Address 3 .Are you quarantined – Yes/No 4.Click on submit.

11) .Thermal scanner & Drone(unmanned aerial vehicle) : Law enforcement and surveillance  can use Drone fitted with thermal  scanners during an epidemic to the next level with the help of  Artificial intelligence. This can read temperature of people in the crowd ,spray disinfectants ,collect medical sample and carry out emergency deliveries over long distance with minimal human touch points.

Even drones can be used to provide medical assistance to Quarantined patients.

Overall Benefits of Quarantine app.

1.Live alert

2.User friendly.

3.Live alerts through Voice and SMS.

4.Emergency assistance alert.

5.Live updates on Covid -19.

6.Health consultation through video call.

7.Quarantined days alert.



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