##Multikey is a platform for education integrated into a social network. It allows for immediate use of acquired knowledge in real life.

Estonian startup Multikey - a guarantee for success in learning.

We are creating new social mechanisms and involving people that previously were not part of the market, immense potential that has not been thought of before. If swimming was taught the same way learning is right now, they would teach us the correct way to move, but on land, eventually giving you a diploma and sending you on your way without ever letting you go inside the water. A robot teaches you, and that's cool, but yet again, it's attempting to learn something outside of its a natural environment. Many drop those courses halfway, those who finish are often afraid to use the skills.

What it does

brings people, skills, and work (practice) place together

How I built it

we have already the first version on Apple store and soon update Android version

Challenges I ran into

pivot to change language practice tinder to wide skill education and practicing platform

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Multikey app which we created, thanks to a 30 000 euro investment, solves these problems. It gives you access to people, events and places, finally getting practice. We reached 1000 users in the app, 2000 followers on Facebook. After active testing, we realized that beyond just practice people need a catalog of all online and offline courses and teachers, a comfortable geolocation based marketplace, which is not just Tinder, but also Uber for learning. Recommended by Estonian PM:)

What I learned

To make thing done

What's next for Multikey

We started from language practice, we have over 1000 users already on our platform today, and we are ready, in the format of this hackathon, to develop our Multikey platform as a global solution. The old education method is built on long learning of theory inside of an artificial environment - a classroom, which is equivalent to learning to swim in a swimming pool with no water in it. We don't have time for for small talk and misfortunes - let's learn to swim in actual water. Muiltikey uses the best methods of practicing online-learning and motivational algorithms.

Built With Ios Android

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