People don't have support while recovering from corona at home. As pressure increases on the healthcare system, less medical staff will be available to assist and the 1177 queues will increase. People will be worried, and their cases will be handled slower.

One person who has Corona virus infects 2,5 more people. By the end of April half of the population will be infected. This means that 1 136 034 people will show symptoms and while about 20% will need immediate hospitalisation, the rest of them will stay home, isolated.

Patients who are staying home, according to our interviews, feel themselves not properly supported by the healthcare, especially when they feel that they are starting to experience more severe symptoms.The stress and worry has already been proven to slow down recovery and to increase calls to 1177, which is the first touch point with the patients.

The solution is a self reporting application (or website) where stay-at-home patients can log how their symptoms develop (by using self assessment and simple -cheap tools like thermometer, smart watch and pulsoximeter) and notifies medical staff when the symptoms reach a risk area. Namely, medical professionals can decide which combination of self reported symptoms warrants intervention from their end.

This, not only will make the patients feel more safe and supported even at a distance, but also allow for an easier way to care for patients at home and to catch severe cases at an earlier point.

The data stored will help into developing further research on the virus, of which, right now, there are still many hidden features. Hopefully, having a better overview on what happens on people who not necessarily are hospitalised will show new ways to fight Covid-19.

It can be scalable to Sweden and to other health care system, by re-adapting the system to local organisations.

My Check-up will:

offer patients from home the support that they are right now missing, by providing as well a better self-overview of their situation allow for better check-up on patients from the medical professional side, in a more automated way, which can help the staff to save precious time automate the first touch point with healthcare act promptly when necessary, hopefully saving lives diminish hospital overload provide helpful data for further research on the virus



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