Check-in with yourself every day and track your symptoms

Use the app to track any coronavirus symptoms you may have, and how they evolve over time. Identifying symptoms early helps all of us protect our family and friends.

Safely share with healthcare professionals

If you think you have serious coronavirus symptoms and need to talk to healthcare professionals, this tool allows you to safely share your symptom history with them so that they can understand your unique situation.

Help coronavirus pandemic research

If you are diagnosed with coronavirus your symptom history may also be valuable to researchers. Share your data anonymously and help the world in its fight against Coronavirus.


Making the first version of the app was an intensive weekend. Design was done by a team quarantined in Australia and development and coordination in Sweden. During the Swedish nights the Australians made design and during day the Swedes developed. The goal was to have something working at the end of the weekend.

The coordination with medical experts has probably been one of the biggest problems. We wanted to make an app which helped them but getting information from someone who knows what helped was hard as they had too much to do already. The experience was that the nurses we talked to who were dealing with patients every day saw the app as a great help but it was hard to get information from anyone who could make a decision in how the hospital runs.

One of the ambitions with the app is to reduce the time needed when getting in to a hospital or through a drive through test facility. By using the app they could get a recommendation without needing to talk to anyone. By having your symptoms listed and your coarse location the intention is to be able to deliver a message to the user.

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