More than a third of the global population are currently under Covid-19 lockdown or home quarantine. People under these circumstances sometimes fail to keep track of their symptoms because of lack of self-discipline or they simply forget. This could lead to a loophole in the system as these people may have the risk of getting the disease and spreading to others, which could cause unmanageable community spread.

To slow down the spread of the pandemic, some governments choose to strictly monitor citizens' symptoms, daily activity, and travel history. However, such measures raise serious privacy and surveillance concerns. Therefore, we have been developing MyLog14, with the goal to strike a balance between effective epidemic control and data protection. MyLog14 initially focuses on Taiwanese guidelines and regulations and has plans to subsequently expand globally.

What it does

What can MyLog14 do?
MyLog14 is a mobile app for people to efficiently log and manage personal data without sacrificing the security of personal records.

The features of MyLog14 includes:
 √ Symptoms tracking
 √ Reminders
 √ Local data storage
 √ Export of users’ own personal data
 √ Social interactions and community support

What’s the difference between MyLog14 and other tracing app?
With MyLog14, people can easily log and track their symptoms and health status without compromising privacy. The tracked information can be reported to medical professionals when needed.

Some of the most important aspects of MyLog14 include:
 ★Users' data are stored LOCALLY and are not shared with anyone without users' consent.
 ★Users can download their own data for personal use.
 ★To ensure people maintain their social life during this difficult time, users can share their activities with friends or "online friends" in MyLog14.
 ★Users' identity can be as anonymous as they wish, so as to respect their privacy while maintaining social contact.
The goal for MyLog14 is to help strike a better balance between civil rights, data privacy and epidemic control.

How We built it

Our app will use local data storage, encryption, and ledger technology to help people actively record and track their health information and daily activities. Personal information will be protected by these techniques, and information will only be shared when it is required by the government for epidemic prevention with users’ consent, or when the user chooses to do so. With these techniques, MyLog14 will be able to protect data privacy while collecting data for COVID-19 pandemic control at the same time.

We initiated this project on March 19, 2020, in the  MyData Taiwan Hub Community and received great attention and responses. Within a short period of time, a team was formed with engineers from start-ups, law firms, as well as faculty members and students from the School of Pharmacy and the Department and Graduate Institute of Library and Information Science at National Taiwan University. The project was launched right on March 19 -  more than 15 interviews were conducted within 3 days, with interviewees spanned from local citizens and health officials from the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, We received further support from an open-source community in Taiwan, g0v, to develop the main structure of MyLog14 and UI/UX design. Through the CodevsCOVID19 hackathon, hackers all over the world joined us and helped to develop the app. Our technical team had a kickoff meeting on March 28, and the prototype of MyLog14 have been developed throughout the course of CodevsCOVID19. MyLog14 has attracted professionals with a variety of backgrounds, including technological and methodological innovation as well as privacy and security. With a strong emphasis on data protection, our goal is to extend MyLog14 to global use, including in countries like Switzerland where privacy regulations are stringent.

Challenges We ran into

Many people from the MyData Taiwan, civic tech community g0v, and CodevsCovid19 hackathon work together to make this project happen. We have different expertise but share the same passion. The biggest challenge for us is to build cross-disciplinary communication, for example, it is not always easy to communicate the technology behind the application to non-technical team members, including legal experts and UI/UX designers. Nevertheless, since we share the same passion and the willingness to learn from each other, we have adjusted our communication strategies to successfully overcome the challenges and create the prototype together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Within three days of the project initiation, our team has completed:
 ★1 UI/UX workshop
 ★Interviewed more than 15 users and Taiwan CDC officials.
 ★The key features and design of MyLog14 were established within 1 week.
 ★40 professionals in different disciplines across industry and academia were involved in this project, including members from MyData Taiwan Hub, Numbers Co., Ltd., Lawsnote Co., Ltd., MyData Japan Hub, MyData Global, and National Taiwan University.
 ★Had 3 sharings of our project, which helped people around the world to learn and to know more about MyLog14.
 ★Initiated 2 discussions in MyData Taiwan Community: COVID-19 epidemic prevention and personal data control and protection.
 ★Exchanged our experience and thoughts on how technology can help to fight the pandemic with other members in MyData Global Community.  

What we learned

Empowering the global community with highly experienced professionals in Taiwan with our culture and our principles can assist the wider community and make a better impact on the benefits of this App.

While exchanging ideas with European participants at the CodevcCovid19, we realized that European citizens tend to put data privacy before pandemic control, while Taiwanese citizens tend to be the opposite - thinking it is okay to slightly compromise privacy to help the country to contain the pandemic.

We believe that MyLog14 will help to solve this dilemma as a great tool to strike a balance between pandemic control and data protection.

What's next for MyLog14

◎MyLog14 will finish the app's prototype in CodevsCovid19 hackathon
 ◎2020/3/31 release Android alpha version for internal testing
 ◎2020/4/5 release Android Public alpha version for the general public
 ◎2020/4/10 release iOS Public alpha version for the general public
 ◎2020/4/16 after alpha testing, we will promote the app to the citizens in Taiwan, and publish it in MyData Global community, Invite users worldwide.
 ◎MyLog14 will be a non-profit community app. It will be completely open-source for the community to operate and maintain in the future. After the Covid19 epidemic, we highly encourage the community to build more applications on MyLog14's framework.

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