Problem Statement : �Ineffectiveness of sterilization in quarantine centers and this is the first reason for the spread of Corona disease between all  Proposed Solution

Green Nano silver incorporated in:

1- Antiseptic products 2- Sterilizers products 3- Ventilator's to save lungs  4- Paints for quarantines rooms  5- controlled Air spray for , rooms and all places

Protect from microorganisms infectious. Safety period exceeds six hours. It eliminates more than five types of harmful bacteria that help in developing the Corona virus Proposed solution

Environmentally friendly products Free from any chemical additives Quick preparation, the best environmental initiative in Palestine Verified and documented results from official private laboratories A new method of production and preparation cheap Easy to use It has powerful results in killing various types of the most difficult microbe

Proof Of Concept : A certificate from Russian laboratory about our products (Synevo Lab. for medical tests and green Nano prove)

A certificate from Medical Laboratory at Islamic university for Microbes tests with table of results

Acceptance of ministry of health to manufacture green Nano silver products



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