Corona virus transforming our society . . . free will and people right for staying alive better be respected

What it does

Deactivating viruses including Corona + supporting biological system in our body with new essential bio accessible micro elements of zink and copper, allowing our body continuing production of new healthy cells, repair body and fight back new infections

How we built it

Improvement of technology developed by Keshe Foundation :one cup one life: improved for use at hospitals and by doctors for healing infected health personnel and clients from corona virus and other related complications . . . Device is constructed by use of available standard hard ware components

Challenges we ran into

Scaling up already functioning technology making it possible for professional use, creating industrial quality nano materials possible to harvest with equal product quality

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Already operating device is able producing required product for treating different stages of existing virus infections, including preventing spreading of viruses between things and people and people to people

What we learned

Existing technologies saving lives is currently being implemented and used successfully outside traditional health care . . . great potential for introducing this into ordinary health care systems, China and Iran is already proving this potential and introducing it for use in ordinary hospitals

What's next for NANO - Zink Copper materials killing virus + balancing body

Creating professional devices able producing industrial quality zink copper nano materials for treating corona virus . . . two liter device producing liquid becoming able healing 12 - 20 people per 24 hours, during continues operation, nano materials produced by 12 such devices can treat about 100 people per 24 hours and potentially being used in professional health care institutions . . . these zink copper nano materials are essential for our body, without side effects and low cost to produce


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