Due to lack of information, lack of communications and different approaches i felt like there is no source of information which could route and navigate me like google maps, there is no one place to get information from community on map and different approaches are used to achieve one thing - make evemy visible. So i thinked to combine all things in one single mobile application.

What it does

  • Map interactions. It is possible to put marker on a map to notify others. For example if someone has really bad cough and it might be related to COVID-19 then it is possible to mark that on map and everyone else will be notified. It will help reduce the possible spread.
  • GPS data. People can save their routes for couple of days on mobile devices. When person gets positive COVID test then their route will be published to others and interaction on routes with time point will be checked. Of course it is possible to trace self-quarantined persons, so others will know possibility of risk.
  • Bluetooth data. If for some reasons GPS will be not enough then bluetooth can be used to show approximate distance to other confirmed infected person.
  • Face scasn. By using AI and comparing photos there is possibility to get risk level of person by making a photo (immediate delete after checks, saves in memory not hard memory). ## How I built it React native, adobe XD. ## Challenges I ran into None big, usual small ones.. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of None of yet. ## What I learned Android and ecosystem. ## What's next for nCov Tracker
  • Graphs. For future use and for showing statistics it is good to have graphs with more information that is currently available on Hopkins University or worldodometrs. It might help community to adapt (for example early small shop closing).
  • Apple iOS support
  • More free face recognition (Due to limitations with computing power)
  • Backend (Currently mostly mocks)
  • Backend panel - CMS. ...



ble-plx, laravel, leaflet.js, mlkit, mobx, native-base, react-native

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