For the post-epidemy re-launching of a regenerative / sustainable economy we have to facilitate "localised" fulfilment of the needs instead/beside (re-establishing) global supplay chains. It requires facilitating practical solution for combining local production /service providing with global knowledge /blueprint and production documentation/ sharing.

What it does

The application  -helps to bring to a common digital platform proposals from local producers  -ranks them based on distance from the person making the search - using GPS data -enables to "aggregate" and link needs and local product /service offers

How we built it

We are in the process by using php, bootstrap, MySQL, etc.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we will meet during the work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

The curent standstill in "normal" economic connections / relations can faciiltate to refocus on local capacity / economydevelopment following truly regenerative/sustainable patterns.

What's next for Need/offer match - ENVIENTA-LIGHT for cosmo-localization.

Turn the MVP into reliable version capable to handle large and growing database of interested users  (consumers, producers, innovators,...) Probably launch /participate in a hackathon zero in order to combine open source community efforts.



amazon-web-services, bootstrap, community, cooperation, css, html, javascript, jquery, mysql, opensource, php

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