At a time when the general public is concerned about the possible spread of the virus that causes Covid-19,any misleading information could have easily prompted panic. Just like the virus, a fake post starts from somewhere, and as it spreads, it becomes viral, often mutates, adding more misleading information and then crosses languages, making things much more complicated. In order to avoid such scenarios and provide people with awareness how to prevent and self assess the coronavirus symptoms, we started making a website to inform people, onboarding team of experts, to answer people's queries.

What it does shares live stats on Covid-19 in Nepal and from around the world. It also aggregates Nepal focused credible news and debunks myths that are floating around. The site is in Nepali to reach a wider audience in Nepal with awareness videos and podcasts. The site is created by a team of experts working in various disciplines, which include scientists, doctors, technologists, and public health professionals living in and out of Nepal. All content and data are vetted from reliable sources.

How we built it

We pull live data provided by the Worldometer website for showing the stats of around the world, similarly for our country's case, we chose the Ministry of health and population.  In order to provide awareness, we follow the WHO guidelines and converted every English language text to our national language i.e. Nepali. Similarly, we added the self-assessment test that was approved by the government and build a chatbot based on it to help the Nepali people.

Challenges we ran into

Our site is in continued development! For each of us in the team, this was the first dive into large-scale programming and new data visualization tools. The biggest hurdle in our development was finding the right data to appropriate to the scope of our project. After scouring the web for data sources, we kept the data for our proof-of-concept that we are submitting for the hackathon very simple. However, we are optimistic about how we can expand this project to be applicable to decision-makers that hold the fate of the country in their hands.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We live in an age where data is plentiful, and sorting through that data to find something meaningful is much harder. Because of this challenge, our team learned a lot about how to sort through data to find something meaningful and applicable, and draw parallels between rumors and truth regarding all the myths that are floating around our community.

What we learned

We learned about appropriate considerations and approaches in understanding a dataset, and how to frame data in a way given analytical tools and providing context that turns data from numbers to meaningful applications.

What's next for Nepal Corona Information

I would also like to create a system where people can log in to the website such that registered users can get personalized advice for their situation from professionals. I hope to move it to a larger scale as well, hopefully global, so that I can spread the impact. It is crucial that we maintain our mental health through times like these.

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