In times of crisis, priorities change, and that was precisely what we felt the urge to do. To support the fight against this pandemic, we adapted our platform allowing you to keep track of your health state by adding this one extra step on your quarantine routine!

What it does

With Nevaro4COVID you can, for free, register your vital signs, figure out how they align with the healthy threshold, visualize their evolution throughout time, receive alerts in case of variations that suggest anomalies, namely the symptom severity, as well as get in touch with specialists of our network of partners, for clinical and psychological support! How do you know if this is for you? Nevaro4COVID is available online, no need for installing, and you can use it on your smartphone, tablet or computer,  Whether you are at home quarantining, or in the frontline fighting to ensure that our world keeps moving; whether you belong to a risk group or just want to be vigilant; if you’re not Portuguese and are finding it hard to navigate in the national health system, or if your institution (health entity, senior residence, …) wants to be aware of everyone’s health indicators progress. Nevaro4COVID was developed by us, to all of you!

How I built it

We adjusted our base platform of Nevaro - physiological acquisition and monitoring platform - for COVID. Specifically, we used Google's Firebase, which runs in Angular.

Challenges I ran into

Front-end development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having developed an alpha version in only 2 weeks, and having already several partners and interested users!

What I learned

To pivot!

What's next for Nevaro4COVID

Improve the front-design, improve the back-end (institutional dashboards, notifications, other features), and launch the service!



adobe-illustrator, adobe-premiere, angular.js, firebase, scs, scss

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