The current crisis has been a massive intervention with everyones lives. Some were very fortunate and could continue to live their lives in a quasi-normal fashion but most of us have experienced some sort of distress along the way.  It is in times like these that people start to question their beliefs and values. What seemed important just a few weeks ago has become nothing but a faint memory now that we are facing more accute and severe problems. This also fuels the desire to change, be it society, the government, the system or simply one's own take on life.  We want to help identfiy and quantify the imnportant aspects of peoples lives and how they change over time, throughout the crisis and beyond that.

What it does

We identify the aspets of people's lives that were changed by the crisis and whether they think there has been positive aspects to that - be it working from home, spending more time with their partners, according less value to material things (status symbols) and many more - the list can be extended almost indefinitely. We ask questions in a way that they can be revisited a month, year, 2 years from now, such that one can track their own value journey.

Current State

At the moment, we have a questionnaire which is just a compilation of questions which can help to make ones feelings quantifiable. It is supposed to help people evaluate their own standpoint and also to allow them to sitate themselves among society, whether other people feel the same. We also help link individuals to organisations which can assist them on their newly begun journey.

Challenges I ran into

Team projects are always challenge, and more so when we are not physically present in the same spot.  We had our initial problems mostly with team-finding and then team building. It took us some time until we all realized what the others were envisionning and we lost and found team members along the way. This was certainly in part due to the lack of personnal contact and physical presence in one room. Although well organized, the hackathon still proved to be somewhat confusing in the first moments. We have had team members joining us as late as Satudray afternoon, whereas others left us. Thanks to the help of some mentors we were at last able to reconcile all of our positions and get to formulate one vision of the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working together with our colleagues has been a bliss from that point on. We were extremely productive and motivated and managed to generate a decent MVP and presentations to convey our message. We feel that we showed a great deal of team-spirit and collaboration.

What I learned

We learned a lot from our team members who all have somewat different backgrounds. They have amazing and unique skills in design thinking, logo creation, presentation etc.. which they acquired during their professional lives. Also it was amazing to see how individuals in our group worked together on a personal level. We had doers and conceptiualists, people who were always able to focus the discussion on the essentil parts and keep a bit of order among the troops - so to say. I believe that we will all keep a lot of that in mind for future team projects

What's next for New U - Value Journey

We want to enhance the current questions in order to be more accurate in establishing quantifiable data. Then a life-companion app is to be created which accompanies our possible customers on their journey to sustainable, positive change for themselves and, ultimately, society as a whole.

Special Thanks

Many thanks to our mentors Julia Bodin, incl support from Juan Lopez-Villarejo, Barbara Schnyder, and Sophie from Sketch4Good

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