In this unprecedented times of Covid-19 solidarity and shift from individual towards a sharing culture of collective thinking/behavior becomes more relevant than ever. Worldwide initiatives are launched and thousands of people engage, support and even work pro bono for a better cause.

What it does

"NextNow" is a life long solidarity game including a reward model based on human behavior and engagement. As a member you are able to collect trophies. Trophies are called SOCI’s (Social Impact Token). Everyone can play the game, support each other, say thanks and give each other feedback on the NextNow network. Players can level up and reach different stages. Once solidarity engagement index is reaching a specific level, you can claim your reward. Promoted by social media first in Switzerland and possibly worldwide Once engagement index is tracked and we have first outstanding performers, GPS organizations start recognizing and we start negotiating reward mechanisms in order to continue live long and after crisis The concept can be replicated for any other upcoming crisis in the future.

How we built it

The application is based on the Blockchain Framework hyperledger fabric where we created our SOCI Token. In the web application, the user can share his good deed which is shared on multiple social media channels such as facebook, linkedin and twitter. As soon as the user receives a threshold of supportive votes, the application automatically sends the user a SOCI Token on the Blockchain which is displayed in his profile on the web application.

Challenges we ran into

This new form of hackathon is an amazing new experience, however it was difficult at the beginning to find your way around. Some team members had problems finding a team for the challenge that really interested them.  Forming a team in an entirely online hackathon is generally a big challenge. Once a core team has formed it takes time to understand each point of view and to take over certain roles. Someone has to take responsibility and organize all tasks as clearly as possible. It is similar to a “regular” hackathon, but online it is even more important.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’ve managed to develop a prototype of the app within this short time. The prototype includes hyperledger blockchain tokens can be rewarded with a community vote, backend connecting data structures and blockchain transactions with user frontend, user interface including sign up, log in, check profile and wallet, create initiative, vote for initiative, as well as the dashboard built in tableau. At the same time we managed to develop the structure of the gamification with NextNow points and SOCI’s, and developed a business case including description of challenges and demands, value proposition, personas, use cases, the ecosystem, and a project plan.

What we learned

There is an amazing amount of talent and motivation to fight this virus, and to engage with each other for innovative solutions that improve our world.

What's next for NextNow - blockchain-based solidarity reward solution

Using the blockchain-based NextNow Foundation platform and wallet and implement most relevant use case to drive our differentiation in the market and enable our society unit to position the platform as an enabled for cultural change towards the collective.

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