After the outbreak, millions of people will lose their jobs. For them crisis is not going to end, but we can change the situation and help them. I am building – an expert-led workshops platform, why not to engage experts to deliver free of charge workshops, so they can help people to upskill and find better jobs? #ExpertsAgaintsCovid.

What it does

Helps people upskill in tech through expert-led workshops. I find such training as the most effective, as you can immediately apply the knowledge.

How I built it

I use ReactJS in the front side and Spring Boot/Java in the backend. The data is stored in AWS RDS. We use AWS S3, EBS, Cognito services from AWS

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The site is life at and we have already onboarded a number of recognized experts

What's next for - expert-led workshops (#expertsagainstcovid)

Reach out to more people and help.

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amazon-web-services, boot, java, react, spring

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