The economic downturn caused by the coronavirus has had a strong impact on the restaurant sector, with a large number of food service providers forced to close their doors.  Some restaurants in different countries have been able to continue to operate through large courier services, but mostly this comes also with hefty commission fees, which is not affordable at this time. Also the mainstream delivery services do not deliver to smaller towns or more remote areas, which is not the best solutions at this current time.  It is important for us that all food providing establishments can continue to operate during these difficult times without paying excessive fees for the delivery services.

That is why we created an online platform NosiFood, that makes it easier for cafes and restaurants to take & process orders through a simple online platform, allowing them to operate & provide contact free food services, with deliveries organised within their own staff resources.

What it does

For restaurants

NosiFood platform allows restaurants to stay in business & operate online, without having to waste time on setting up their online service system, but to set up their account and restaurant on NosiFood platform. They can also add the link to the ordering system to their own homepages and share the online restaurant delivery service through social media.

NosiFood platform aims to keep as many restaurants & cafes in business as possible.  We will also provide the platform with online marketing services, so the word spreads and NosiFood is easy to find, benefiting the restaurants to be all listed in one place.

NosiFood is here to stay. We are not only built for the crisis, but here to change how restaurants & cafes operate their takeaway services online & in their communities.

For foodies

NosiFood platform will be a place, where clients can easily find restaurants to order from in their region, compare menus, prices and delivery methods. We will gather and display restaurants in our page, create searches, special offer sections etc.

Marketing campaigns will also be running to attract customers to the sites to order from their favourite restaurants.

How we built it

The platform has been built from ground up using PHP and MySQL.

Challenges we ran into

We want to grow globally and fast. We see we have a very good solution & platform, which restaurants need, specially in these times. We need to refine the best model to grow and scale fast, so we can help as many restaurant industry establishments as possible now.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Great core team; Having NosiFood site launched only in 1 week; acquiring first customers in Estonia, who also already operate through our platform; lots of valuable feedback to continue developing & growing.

What we've learned

That restaurants really need this platform.

What's next for NosiFood

Setting up the platforms client view site. Going global. Adding additional functionalities (charity, car rental support, etc).

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