As you may know, 3 BLN of people are stuck at their homes. Zoom's traffic increased 200 times. Online events industry has boomed. People even started drinking online.

So I have asked 43 people who organized online events during COVID19 and they answered that there is no good platform to market online events. So all of them had to spend money on marketing on facebook and some other channels.

So we are thinking to build online events marketplace to let anyone list and market online public events (webinar, concert, translation, hangout-call and so on) so more people can find a way to spend their free time more efficiently.

We want to do it multilingual so that people will get automatic translation to their own language during the event

During the project development, we see the main obstacles: -Contacting the event platforms to get an API for listing all their events -How to get 100k users in a month with a growth hacking (our goal)

My main accomplishment is being 500 Startups accelerated and creating a product that got 20k registered users (bootstrapping)

During my 5 years of experience, I learned that the most important is people, not the idea or the product

Our next goals are to: Get 100k users, add a payed-events feature, blog, setting up marketing campaigns and A/B testing of growth hacking features




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