Two years before the Coronavirus pandemic (during freshman year of HS), I was in quarantine for about a month due to a rare eye disease. During this time, I felt an overwhelming amount of loneliness and disconnection from the world, so receiving cards from friends and family meant the world to me and brought me closer to God. I want to use my project so that we can all spread love to the thousands of people who need it the most right now.

What it does

Through this website, anyone can anonymously write an encouraging note to a healthcare worker or coronavirus patient. Once enough notes come in, they will be printed and shipped to hospitals to be distributed to one medical worker or patient.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I launched this site two days ago, and so far, 300 cards have been sent & we are partnered with 7 hospitals around the US!

Why does it work?

Currently, one in two health care workers are struggling with depression amid Covid-19 and many patients have to die alone due to the infectious nature of the virus. Hence, for health care workers and patients, receiving an encouraging, personal message can mean the world.

And beyond this, this is free, quick, and no personal information is required, meaning that anyone can contribute to the COVID-19 effort.

How I built it

I edited and designed all the graphics on Canva & PowerPoint, then created the site on Wix, using a little bit of HTML along the way.

What's next for Covid Support

Creating software that will automate the sorting of messages by their hospitals & getting more people to join in!

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