In personal anecdotes, an encouraging word usually comes up casually in an in-person conversation but because we are in isolation now, these opportunities are harder to come by. This project is to create another channel where people can stumble upon words of encouragement.

What it does

It is a chrome extension that augments bible passages on BibleGateway with 'scholar-sourced' notes/encouragements. The idea is that biblical scholars can tag Bible passages with their notes/encouragements so when someone is reading the bible, they can stumble upon these notes and be encouraged. Users would be able to also upvote notes and sort by most popular/recent.

How I built it

We would be using firebase as a backend to store the notes for each verse and then using a Chrome extension to augment the page with the ability to view the notes and add notes (if you are an authenticated biblical scholar).

We went through a couple iterations. We were originally going to crowd-source notes/encouragements and then moderate. We were concerned that the highest voted might not be the most encouraging/biblical. By making it 'scholar'-sourced, we hope to reduce the level of moderation.

Challenges I ran into

  • This was the first time I've developed a chrome extension and used firebase. Lots of things to learn.
  • We could not get this extension published because there is a 4 week review process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

:) It was fun working with non-technical people on this project and brainstorming with them. We came up with a much more robust product because of our different backgrounds.

What's next for Notes of Encouragement

  • Buy-in from biblical scholars/seminary students to post content.
  • This is current a chrome extension. We can do more market research into the "intersect" application that is popular among Biblical scholars and every-day readers and work with the app team to integrate this functionality. We want to reduce the adoption friction as much as possible across all user surfaces (scholars and every day readers).

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