Obilizer is a Smart WiFi Enabled App-Controlled UV Sterilizer that sterilizes the objects we interact with daily, everything from smartphones, watches, wallets to door handles, to furniture.

We wash our hands multiple times every day to make them germ-free, but we interact with objects like our smartphone, wallet, glasses, which are never sanitized. On average a smartphone has 10 times more germs compared to a toilet! We also interact with hundreds of objects on a daily basis apart from our smartphones, like door handles, a face mask, stationary, toys, handwash tap, etc which we never clean. This is the leading cause of transmission of communicable diseases like COVID-19, because we just sanitize our hands and not the objects we interact with.

Obilizer connects to the user’s smartphone via WiFi, prompts the user to select the item they want to sterilize and will set the UV light timer. For example, for a smartphone the app will set the UV timer to 10 seconds, and for a door handle, the app will set the UV timer to 30 seconds so that it is sterilized from all sides. After that user has to place the object to be sterilized under the device, or hover the device above the object to the sterilized, and tap on the start button to begin the sterilization process. The app starts a timer that automatically turns off the UV light after the set time interval has passed in order to ensure the safe operation of the device.

Why is it important?

COVID-19 has become a big problem for the world, causing the world to potentially go into recession in 2020, and the solution for this problem is that if least 60% of the population is immune to the disease, then it would not spread so fast. One possible way is vaccines of the coronavirus, but they would take a few months to come out. The Obilizer device can potentially prevent the people from getting the disease by Sterilizing the objects that they interact with most, like their smartphones, wallets, glasses, face masks, car interior, furniture etc.

Technology Behind

When bacteria and viruses undergo UV-C radiation (200-280nm), they are not able to survive. Obilizer uses 254nm UV-C germicidal lamp which is most effective for killing pathogens, and they are used in hospitals as well.�

The Obilizer device consists of a UV-C lamp and a controller board. When the user sends the switch on command from the mobile app, the controller board controls the UV-C lamp for the set-timer of the UV radiation on the app.

Use Cases

The Obilizer device can be used by various individuals and entities:

  1. Individuals: to sterilize their personal belongings & home�
  2. Building Management Companies: to sterilize public utilities like elevator buttons, handles etc. �
  3. Restaurants & Hotels: to sterilize tables, crockery, rooms, common areas etc.�
  4. Institutions: to sterilize handles, tables, common areas etc.

What all can it sterilize?

The Obilizer device can be used to sterilize the following objects:

  1. Smartphones & Tablets
  2. Wallets, Purses & Bags
  3. Watches & Wrist Bands
  4. Face Masks
  5. Crockery
  6. Door Handles & Handrails
  7. All types of Fabrics (Clothing, Sofa cushions, Car seats, etc.)
  8. Furniture made of any material (Tables, Chairs, etc.)

Public Utilities such as Elevator buttons, Staircase handrails, etc.� �

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