The conoranivirus crisis has forced us to change our habits and adopt new behaviours, how to anchor them and perpetuate them after the crisis?  Why: These new habits experienced and anchored as individuals have a collective impact that can transform our Society, a Society more supportive and environmental. Our personal transformation has a positive impact on the collective level. It allows us to redesign the Society of tomorrow.

What it does

We built on our own personal experience of adopting new positive behaviours for ourselves and our community since the end of March. We got inspired by a numerous of positive initiatives that were developed in the past three weeks in Geneva and our country.

How I built it

We built: a behavioural reference system linked to areas directly impacting society, which is translated by a website that links by area, habits/actions, what we already do and what we could continue to do. A not yet exhaustive list of useful links to go further on a personal basis but also a tool to promote a new impact economy.

Challenges I ran into

The Time!!!!!!! A graphic artist and communication specialist within the team from the beginning.

Accomplishments that I’m proud of

The prototype exists. Not perfect but it is a super tool that can be useful for citizens. It is a project that is positive, helps to remember that we are all capable of changing for the better.

What I learned

An online hackathon provides the same energy and level of commitment as a live hackathon. Learned in record time to use slack, accept to get lost in it and still succeed and participate. We learned patience, frustration and compromise, dear to our culture.that yes, people who didn’t know each other, of different ages, nationalities, cultures and backgrounds threw themselves into the project without thinking.

What’s next for Objectifs de Développement Citoyen

We wish to propose our project to the city of Geneva as part of its Agenda 21. The project is also available to associations, other cities and cantons. The actions that we propose are not exhaustive and will, over time, be developed and completed on a participatory basis while respecting the original spirit of the project.

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