With the epidemic, economic downturn, and remote activities, we know that there will be an increase in burnout and depression. And it will not stop when stay-at-home stops.

The consequences on personal lives can be dire.  And the impact on organizations even worse.

For example, many studies show that a disengaged employee will cost your company at least $1500 a year. And when an employee becomes so overwhelmed with burnout or depression and leaves your company it is estimated that the overall impact on your business will be at least 30K.

During an economic downturn; no company can afford this cost.

Here is how we help.

In less than 10 minutes, you can deploy Okaya ( to your team; and access anonymized wellness trends.

Your team only needs to download our app, take a 15-seconds video checkin. Then, using computer vision analysis; and other biometrics data; we’re able to understand how someone is feeling over time.

We help you be more proactive, alert you on negative trends, and offer solutions to keep your team at peak levels.

Okaya's Story

Once upon a time, in a land far-far away, a group of friends started to experiment with innovative technologies to help people live better lives.

First, we had to take the wrong pathBack in 2018 we started building hardware.  It was working very well and many people were interested in it.

But we quickly realized 2 things. • People want to improve their wellbeing, not just be told that they are doing poorly (hi, you look horrible...good luck!) • Funding and growing a hardware company is nearly impossible.

To San Francisco we goWe were invited to attend the Fall 2018 Refiners program.  During these 3 months, we completed our pivot and made the breakthrough of having our computer vision technology work from a cell-phone.

Our early adopters get on the platformWe spent 2018 refining our platform.  While we were working with early adopters who are focused on helping their customers lead better lives, we also identified several areas for future growth.

A very exiting one is letting companies use our data processing and intelligence platform to build better products.
Things were falling into place and we could start to think about funding and speeding up our growth.

But then a 100 nanometer organism threw the world offWhen the epidemic started to spread we looked around.  Some of our advisors and close friends are on the front line, working in ERs.
Others contracted, the viruses, got laid off.  We know our world is changing for much longer than a confinement period.

However, we also saw many groups reach out to us.  Families, companies, even religious organizations, are realizing the importance of keeping their teams in top mental shape.  But they lack the tools to do it effectively, ethically, and legally.

More than ever Okaya is going to be needed.  Our immediate focus is helping our customers succeed in keeping their people striving.

The story is just beginning, come join our team, investors, and advisors in writing the next chapter.

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