• Guidance for a good video (In order to evaluate all projects, only the first 2 minutes of the video will be evaluated)  o   Introduce yourself briefly (names of the project and the team)  Hello, This is Pradeep Chellur and I have with me 2 of my team members Abhijeet and Anje. We all work together at JPMorgan Chase, and want to pitch our idea. Our application is called Onde, which aims to defragment the fragmented space of supporting the local businesses by enabling them to sell gift cards online to their local community supporters. o   What is the problem you are trying to solve for (1-2 sentences)  Currently there are already a lot of websites out there which lists local business which are selling gift cards to support their business. As we all know small business is everything about cash flow, and in this difficult period when foot falls have drastically fallen, many of these business are at the risk of closing down, unless they get cash flow to keep them up and running.  The problem is there are n-number web sites that are solving the same problem, and for a consumer who wants to buy a gift card, he/she would need to visit/know when his favorite small business is listed. Not an ideal experience, which we are trying to solve by aggregating the data from multiple such sites, and also letting business directly list on our portal. o   Describe your project:   How did you address this problem? (provide enough technical detail to understand technical feasibility but try to keep it brief)  We will let the business list directly on our portal  We will gather the information from diff sites that are already solving this problem, and neatly categorize the data by regions/state/cities/neighborhood   What are sample use cases?  Lets consider the following sites :  “Save Your Faves” “Give Local” “Rally for restaurants” “Help Main Street”  Who (or what organizations) could potentially benefit from your solution?   Small businesses can list in one place, and not worry about where else they need to list to maximize their reach. Manpower is the most crucial, and our solution lets them focus on ensuring they can efficiently run their business  Consumers can just visit one portal, and support all the local business they normally visit


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