For Generations Estonians have been fighting viruses by taking Ether  One til two cm3 Ether has been traditionally taken together with cold water after breathing in deeply, holding breath under swallowing followed by breathing slowly out, If this procedure is going wrong a person can suffocate, for safety reason we have come up with improvements

What it does

Ether can be taken more safe in a capsule together with cold water, when heated to body temperature Ether evaporates and dissolves into our blood stream, killing viruses by dissolving them . . . Ether is less efficient against genitalia herpes and micro viruses going on several types animals, against :SARS corona virus 2: taking Ether can be efficient at beginning stage of an infection . . .

How we built it

Small gelatin capsules are being filled with Ether + Alcohol + Sugar, filled inside a larger capsule together with ginger + plant oil + kurkum, swallowed together with cold water . . . this is for safety reasons, cold water is cooling down moth and air ways preventing Ether from evaporating too fast inside stomach, mini capsules and oil filled inside larger capsule makes Ether safe to take with out any risk of suffocating

Challenges we ran into

We are awaiting opportunity having this treatment mass produced, manually it can easely be done

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making it safe to take Ether, protecting people at early stage of virus infections, Ether is dissolving virus, making virus decomposed and inactive (killing) virus We have managed during this project making prototype capsule containing plant oil + ginger + kurkum + pepper with 3 mini capsules inside large capsule, mini capsules are inside protected with sugar filled with Ether + Alcohol + Kurkum + Pepper . . .

What we learned

This method can make it possible for people taking Ether safe at home, also making mass produced products available as first aid in case of infection risk or early stage of infection

What's next for One capsule One Life . . Ether + alcohol + sugar in capsule

This product can be put into mass production and become available in food stores and medicine stores Using Ether against virus is well know during thousands of years long folk tradition, now it can help thousands in acute world wide corona crises . . . unfortunately Ether has been banned by Estonian health authorities until corona crises came and recent Estonian state court ruled that any methods and or device helping against corona virus is allowed to use in Estonia . . . you are most welcome assisting this fantastic project !



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