We asked ourselves that how can we engage people in reporting their health status and enforcing social distancing?

Our approach to this was to create a one-click solution:

We wanted to provide the easiest possible solution for everyone to join us in tracking the spread of COVID-19

One-click, two colors. What color do you represent?

The only question we ask is “Are you sick or not?". Sick people are shown anonymously as red dots and healthy people are shown as blue dots on the map. #redvsblue

But you are not defining what sick means?

Social distancing is being enforced all around the world and the common guideline is that, if you are feeling sick or showing symptoms of any kind, you should stay home.

COVID19 has a variety of symptoms and you can still be contagious even when asymptomatic. Therefore it is strongly recommended not to be around other people at the moment.


We want to enforce #socialdistancing and #flattenthecurve. By tagging yourself anonymously on the map you can show others whether you are healthy or sick and thus help tracking the corona situation in your area. This information will help everyone, especially those in the risk group, to avoid public areas and thereby reduce the risk of spreading the virus to friends, the wider community, and particularly to the most vulnerable.

We are a Helsinki, Finland based group of super producers who rapidly innovate and develop products for predicting and preventing global threats, such as epidemics.

We believe that humans can improve the prediction and prevention of emergencies by collecting data, analyzing phenomena, and sharing fact-based information.

To enable this, we formed Global Reaction Company. Our mission is to create products that enable networking and cooperation between citizens and authorities during times of crisis.

Join us & show your color!

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