This idea was originated from my own home. I have a wife and my mother lives with me (me and my wife are often very busy with work). My mother is 60+ years and cannot memorize  phone numbers or perform complicated technical tasks. And the place where i live, is a colony where you have to go in the car to get groceries.  Me and my wife often forgets small grocery items, medicine, etc. And we tried to have shopkeeper number to order anything (because they do deliver to home) but shopkeeper and his guys also forgets. So, I asked for shopkeeper's whatsapp number and saved it on my monther's phone. Now, whenever she needs anything, she leaves a voice note for the shopkeeper and he delivers required product at my home. Or if she need any medicine or product of any specific company or brand she sends a photo of the product. And it works perfectly fine. But, there are still a lot of small services which require a structured approach such as how to get electrician? or plumber or any adhoc service provider.

I have designed this service from this inspiration and tried to focus on lowest possible learning curve for new users and leverage technology as much as possible.

What it does

Basically, our service does only 3 things. *** 1. Provide extremely simple method to small business to join easily with video profiling. *** Ecommerce is still gibberish for millions of very small size businesses. And maintaining it, is a huge challenge within itself. With our brand new innovative idea of video profiling ease up the whole process and also build trust for potential users.  A small businessman can signup by providing his name, shop name, category and a small video made with his mobile camera, showing off his shop, stock and inviting people to order something from him. In reality, it mimics our real life, this is how we get introduced to new people or business. With this method, small shopkeeper or business can easily achieve the status of online business readiness and start getting orders. Since, the process is so simple and our well thought out model works hand in hand with rich communication methods and tight coupling with query / lead generation and delivery methodology.

This step is critical for the success of overall model.

*** 2. Help Users with Daily Tasks with Ease *** It is very stressful to browse directories, ask friends for numbers of people who works in a specific area. Because, it often leads to 2 conclusion; a. You get the numbers of those service providers who already have too much work and are not really keen to serve you well. b. You get numbers of people who are no longer in the area and cannot really serve you.

Hence, you end up struggling with many numbers and no one is really there to help you with your problem.

On the other hand, there are almost* always a lot of people looking for customers but are not socially very active or lower literacy is the problem.

So, with our service, we intend to solve these problems by providing a simpler method to join and using voice and video to communicate effectively.

*** 3. Find the RIGHT Match *** User query is broadcasted to all the service providers in the category and location. This user doesn't have to struggle with many numbers and try to figure out who and what works? Only relevant service providers respond back with the solution and rating system helps to ensure quality of service. So, no more struggle and life is good.

How I built it

We are already working on it and it will be live by the end of next month.  We are building it using PHP, AWS backend infrastructure, Facebook, Google, Bing APIs, xcode, android.

Challenges I ran into

We are doing it within our little capacity, but this would be a blessing for millions of people (and businesses) in these difficult times.  As we cannot go the market but people need to make their living and its always the very small size of businesses who suffer the most. And at the same time, people need products and services and this service can be a life saver.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Developed a Mobile Application Development framework for Symbian phones (S40, S60) devices
  • Worked on Orad Broadcasting Graphics (developed supporting solutions for Dunya TV)
  • Worked for FinTech company and designed system for Fax Money order which is used by whole country
  • SDP (Service Delivery Platform) Provisioning system designed for Telecom Services

What's next for One Call

Its coming soon, Stay Tuned

It was difficult to cover everything in 2 mins though i have made one. But here is link of longer video for better understanding. [link]

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