Due to COVID-19 disease, most of countries are in lockdown. The lockdown is necessary to resist the spread of disease, but it is creating severe damages to all sectors. Preferably, I would like to talk about the education sector. The schools, colleges are compulsorily under shutdown and this is resulting into the major loss of students in their academic progress. Thus, I would like to propose my idea as a solution, in this tough scenario.

What it does

The idea is to make all the teaching-learning process digital. We might create a virtual classroom environment by connecting teacher and students by the app like video call. I would like to prefer smartphones for this idea as they are lightweight, portable and now an essential part of our life. The technique will not disturb the quarantine of people, and continue to run the teaching-learning process.

How I built it

It is just a concept for now, but i would like to share how it will actually work. In the actual implementation, the teacher and students both will need a smartphone, and we will develop an application through which the teacher and students can log in as like entering the classroom. The teacher will use his/her phone to capture the video about what he/she is teaching and at the same time, the students will be stay connected to the teacher’s phone by their own phones. The teacher’s phone will live stream the teaching lessons to the students’ phone with our custom application and students can see that and learn the lessons. The students which are connected to the class, will be considered as present and their attendance details are updated accordingly. However, the students might have some doubts about the teachings. Thus, we will also include a facility to raise the students’ doubts in the application. The connection will be full duplex, both teacher and students can hear each other sound. Thus, the student can ask the query to teacher at any time, and teacher can answer the query. Thus in this way, we can have the virtual classroom which is same as real class, though everyone is distant.      However, the all lectures will be conducted in the same way and as prescribed by the same time table as it used to work in school.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges are there in every technology. In this project, we might face following challenges: 1. Internet Connectivity: The fastest internet connection is required to live stream the video.      Problem: The rural area students might face connectivity issues.     Solution: The videos can be set to save offline so that students will download them, and can watch later. 2. Students Attention: Problem about students paying attention to teaching     Problem: Students may not pay full attention to teaching through mobile and might be distracted by the besides environment.     Solution: We can use front camera of smartphone to monitor the students activity. If student is distracted, then system may inform it to the teacher. 3. Cross Platform Support:    Problem: As different people use different type of smartphone, it might have different OS.     Solution: We have to build the app as cross platform so that it will be run on most OS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

If this project is implemented successfully, then there will be much things for which i will feel proud of. -Students will use this project to continue learning right from their home -No one has to leave their safe place and can continue the work -It will reduce the negative impact of lock down and will help continue running the education in such pandemic situation -It will be best solution with minimum cost requirements -the project will indirectly help stop the spread of COVID-19, by making possible quarantine for longer days, without affecting the teaching-learning process

What I learned

From the concept of this project, I have learnt: i. to handle uncertainties in the outside world ii. to find the alternative solutions in such pandemic environment iii. to use the technology for the welfare of society  iv. how to continue the work in such circumstances

What's next for Online Teaching with virtual classroom

The scope of this project can be extended further in future, as per the requirement. Thus, implementing and maintaining this project might prove as a profitable deal. Currently, only the classes are being conducted with this project. But furthermore, we can extend the scope of this project by implementing various features like taking online test, maybe objective or descriptive. The project can be made open-source so that anyone can modify it according to their requirements and might use it. Also, people can contribute to make it more convenient and useful. Making the project Open source might eliminate the challenges we are facing at this time. However, as the project is modified and extended, the challenges will also increase. But, as Engineers, we always aim for minimizing the challenges and maximizing the efficiency of project. If this project is implemented successfully, then it will definitely help the educational institutes to continue running without being disturbed by this pandemic. There is no doubt that future contributions to this project will definitely make this project better and better.



android, java, rest-api

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