Highly respected medical staff who are currently face-to-face fighting the Covd-19 virus.

While millions of people are in isolation, medical staff are fighting face-to-face at Covid-19. Medical staffs is fighting for other families to live in a safe environment in the future.

I work in medicine every day, I am very in love with the medical environment. Personally, I am very adamant that there are selfless people who fiercely fight for the interests of others.

The prototype of the TeihCram platform was created during the Hack the Crisis Sweden hackathon.

The problem we have solved is global - insufficient provision of protective equipment for medical staff who are in direct contact with the Covid-19 virus on a daily basis.

Higher prices for speculators, black market and low-quality goods are factors that affect the ability of medical institutions to purchase and provide protection for medical staff.

The platform is designed for government and medical institutions, providing quality [ISO, FDA, CE] medical protective equipment straight from manufacturers at prices below market value.

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