Our parents were our inspiration for this project. We want to keep them safe as they are 60+ years old.

What it does

Helping people provide safety while shopping and doing other outside activities / Helps elderly and other people by having an easy go-to solution / It will make it easier for businesses to stay open during a pandemic / Easy to implement / It will help facilitation for businesses in the long run / People will help each other keep distance / Preventing the spread of germs - communication without using their mouth

How we built it

This product is built with love for humanity ❤️

Challenges we ran into

Finding the right supermarket with enough people to test the prototype

Accomplishments that we're proud of

People are keeping a distance No germs are being spread while saying excuse me As elderly move slower they can now and warn people about their whereabouts Providing a feeling of security Giving businesses an opportunity for a solutions for distance keeping in store A great reminder we can give to each other and how we can communicate in the best way without words Giving people the distance that they need to feel safe

What we learned

We learned the eldery do feel threatened by the situation, more than we expected

What's next for Onring

Help in providing bells from Western Europe Desiging the App prototype


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