No one is immune to Covid-19, but few are more vulnerable.

Recent data in Europe has shown that the population has largely limited their movements. i.e. Belgium (source) reports of an up to 54% decrease of movements outside of individuals local proximity and a reported 79% of time spent by individuals at their residence.

Many cities are in lockdown, and mobility restrictions are creating a huge strain on the supply chain. People traveling outside of the local proximity have already started helping others in delivering packages - using the empty spaces which usually was filled by other people. Our concept is inspired by carpooling, and we facilitate this goods delivery process on a larger scale which can potentially disrupt the current delivery models.

What it does

Onway is a peer-to-peer trust based delivery network that connects individuals taking a normal trip with people wanting to get packages delivered for them.

Delivering items is an opt-in service. Upon registration, the users can mark themselves as riders and share their trip plans. Riders are then notified of packages in their local proximity with a destination near theirs and can choose to pick up and drop off the package on behalf of onwayians. Then our smart algorithm optimizes their route of delivery. All application users have the option of offering up a package for delivery.

Intrinsic motivation is a core incentive for riders to help out their fellow citizens in this time of crisis. However, the rider has the right to charge a reasonable fee to which the onwayians can accept or reject.

The aim is to create a community with a peer rating system and sustainable trust.

How we built it

The current implementation is written in Application releases are built and packaged using docker, released to Github Packages and automatically deployed to Google Kubernetes Engine. The CI/CD pipelines are implemented using Github Actions.

The GKE cluster is bootstrapped with external-dns for managing the Cloud DNS zone, cert-manager for the issuance and renewal of ACME production certificates, chartmuseum for releasing the applications helm3 charts and an annotated nginx-ingress deployment for exposing and securing the ingresses.


  1. Production-grade GKE in ~4h.
  2. New delivery model & business strategy

What's next for onway: peer to peer goods delivery platform

Hopefully, with support, the project will gains traction and a few long nights will be invested for a GA alpha release. Seed funding will be used for getting the word out about the application targeted to communities in lockdown amidst these times of crisis.

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