We are a community with the mission to develop an open-source decentralized marketplace with free applications.

What it does

We provide open applications to empower local communities on collaboration, trading and much more.

How I built it

Open means everyone is able to use it without any costs. The application source code is public and all builds can be downloaded for free. On the developer side, you have the permission to use and change the code as you want.

The Marketplace

No matter whether you run a local business or an online shop, you have no costs or transaction fees on the Open Marketplace. You can easily create and operate your shop within an open application.

Building Phase

Currently, we set up our team and find statistic partnerships and collaborations. If you are interested in this project, please join our Discord Server. We searching for:

Regional Marketplace Leaders, which bring the Marketplace to their city. Designers (UX or Illustration) Programmer (Frontend) Sysadmin (DevOps engineer, System admin internal software)

Or just join the community on our Discord server!

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iota, ipfs, solid, vuejs

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