In early 2020, a virus called COVID-19 takes control over the world. Countries make decisions, which are never seen before to stop the spreading rate. Schools, Universities, and companies close the dors and the people go into a quarantine phase. Followed by social isolation. The city is empty.  But even before this crisis - local communities have hard times against online shopping platforms and others. We build an open-source marketplace for them - and the city itself becomes to a platform.

What it does

Everyone can create a shop and register it to a city. A city admin has to accept the shop that it's get listed to the city marketplace.

How I built it

The city of the backend is written in nodejs. The frontend is written in VueJS. The shop lives in a distributed ledger, which communicates with the frontend and the backend. In that case, shops can be created a used even without a city backend.

Challenges I ran into

Fitting all the needs - planning order processes, delivery processes for now (quarantine phase) and later. The decentral architecture.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've built a marketplace architecture, which works completely without fees - even in a micropayment sector.

What I learned

Many marketplaces growing up right now. But all follow the same concept as Amazon and they want to become the next central shopping platform. I've learned why it's important to run such a platform in a dextral way.

What's next for Open Marketplace Applications

  • Extend Features (News, Chat, Initiatives, Questions, etc)
  • Find more pilot projects
  • Build up a solid team

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javascript, node.js, vuejs

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