I’ve been sitting at home for a couple of weeks. Soaps, movies and stuff are already fed up. The girl and I have nothing to do. Even sex is already tired)))

What it does

Therefore, it was decided to create a platform where you can find a hobby and talk with other people. Or, maybe have a drink with them, or play online games or just chat about your problems.

How I built it

The platform is built on the basis of Bootstrap + Django. Minimum unnecessary functionality)

Challenges I ran into

The most difficult thing is to gather people to support this idea. That is why I participate in the competition.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The entire portal was created in 6 hours))) It was challenge for me, because i heard about this hackaton too late...

What I learned

I believed that it was really possible to do something interesting in such a short period of time)

What's next for Open Talks

Next, I need to collect the community  and come up with new types of "talks")

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bootstrap, css3, django, html5, python

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