Working in crises is a routine for Optomedicine team, a project continued providing distance home-based solutions and global health technology services for the international customers during 3 wars, with power shortage and from uninhabitable place as predicted by UN. Coming to the world from Gaza is not easy, we learned a lot before that, we learned how to provide distance diagnostic and therapeutic services without travel after destroying our only airport and the blockade on our land and sea ports, we learned how to work from home before all the other places not after the pandemic but after shelling the university where we were incubated and targeting commercial tower where our office and physical assets were located, simply we learned how to love the life more than we hate the death. Nowadays and after more than 10 years of hard working Optomedicine team is expanded to be multi-nationality and multi-profession team providing services in MENA region, in 2019 our distance health services - EyeWare was chosen by TNS project of ANIMA investment network funded bu EU in partner with European Business Angels Network to join the startup booster track, and participated the Innovators Academy in Tunisia and presented the our systems in VIVAtech 2019 in Paris. For all that reasons we believe that Optomedicine was prepared to stand with the world in fighting COVID19 in this critical time.

The problems of COVID19 that RespoWare solves

1- Threatening people's lives:

  • The increasing rate of death because of the limited capacity of the clinical care in hospitals
  • The danger of infection to the healthcare providers from the direct contact with the cases
  • The late intervention with the undiscovered cases.

2- Threatening the economy:

  • Disabled the basic industries that depend on the human resource workforce like food and agriculture.
  • Limited the customers movement with falling of main industries like energy and transporting industries.

The solution we bring to the table

Respoware mobile app uses AI with selfie video to collect biometric data like images and sounds to perform fast and cheap test. This method is a group of ideas depending on updated health researches and formal resources.

1- We can save people's lives with:

  • Home-based health technology
  • Distance healthcare monitoring during and after the treatment
  • Early detection with screening test.

2- We can save the economy by:

  • Helping the authorities to choose the healthy people who can go to work.
  • Real-time testing for millions and so we are thinking to target the governments.
  • Using reliable objective test without human bias or intervention.

The solution’s impact to the crisis

We hope to bring the people back to the normal life with RespoWare.

Unlike the others competitors methods,

  • Respoware is a system depending on the special ID for every citizen in any country that has internet.
  • It is not only a test, because we will help in the treatment of the disease by a diagram of the daily progression of the cases that get the treatment in contact with distance healthcare providers.
  • We use the smartphones device without any addition parts nor hardware.

The necessities in order to continue the project

1- We need people like business angels with high-leveled relations with the international community.

2- We need partnerships with International and local companies which have formal representation, goodwill for marketing and local distribution channels.

3- We need initial fund for OpEx and CapEx.

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

Respoware in future will:

  • Be used for monitoring home-based physiotherapy training for COVID19
  • Be used for other types of respiratory diseases not only COVID19
  • Be a part of Optomedicine, like the other health technology services of the project.

The exit value could be IPO or Acquisition

Equities & Shareholders

  • Equity on offer for RespoWare: 20% non diluted shares and 20% diluted shares
  • Founder holds: 51% non diluted shares and 9% diluted shares

Other informations

Business Model:

We are targeting citizens through governments, the price is 1 euro for every user, where we expect millions of users. The net profit in the next 2 years will be around 50%.

Market size estimations:

  • Total Available Market 7.5 € billions from all the world population.
  • Serviceable Available Market from EMEA regions is 2.3 € billions
  • Total market that use internet 1.2 € billions
  • Smartphone users, opportunity market is 0.5 € billion = we have the ambition to have 100% of this market.

Distribution & sales channels

  • Online payment: Individuals make online payment to download the app and they get personal results.
  • International Partners: Local governments contract with partners to access the data and they get results of all the citizens.

How we built it

  • smartphone : to record the customer video
  • android studio : to develop the mobile application
  • java: as a programming language
  • machine learning algorithms : to reinforce the model learning

Main team

  • Ahmed TANNEERA      Founder and Chairman ::: Entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience, working in Global Health Technology, distance services, home-based solutions. Founder of Eye Medical Center for vision therapy and founder of former media & technology group, Primary healthcare provider, specialist in optometry, working in the Palestinian Ministry Of Health.
  • Abeer  ALHABBASH    CEO ::: Abeer heads all the teams of Optomedicine from 2014. She is the chief decision maker for the business and all the team members report in to her, in addition she is the leader of converting EyeWare services from local to international.
  • Mariem BRIKI               CTO ::: As a specialist in IT management, She works alongside the team members to perform everyday operations. She is providing us with new and existing technologies to guide Optomedicine future endeavors.

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