People generally love learning but don't really like education (or in some cases, really hate conventional education). Why is that? What if we could make education and learning go from a boring text and image based chore to becoming an immersive and exciting learning experience?

What it does

Outside helps you learn and immerse yourself in learning experiences  like never before, in augmented reality.

You can go beyond normal education and magically immerse yourself in unforgettable learning experiences. From science to music, history to space; learn and bring what you learn to life in whole new exciting ways.

With Outside, you can dive into the human body to learn and interact with a nerve cell, to see what exactly a nerve cell looks like while audio narrations play in the background, or go to Mars and take a selfie while learning about space. With a wide category of topics to explore, simplified explanations, interesting fun facts, voice narrations, & even great background music

How we built it

Unity (Mechanics, AR), Blender (making low poly 3D models), Firebase (user authentication)

Challenges we ran into

Making the 3D models low poly enough to load quickly but not too low poly to prevent making the 3D models seem cartoonish. This was a hard balance to strike, and it is one we have to continually balance. Another challenge was trying to simplify complex education concepts, and deciding what to include and what to leave out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have created 10 AR education experiences in the app, it is ready to go live on Android, and we are now waiting for iOS approval. We have designed a system to enable us add new content every week

What we learned

  • We tested with a few people, we learned that people really want to learn things, it's how our brains our wired, but the medium of learning discourages people and their face lit up when they tested our product
  • We learnt that people absolutely hate ads and would rather pay to have ads removed. This was very surprising and not in-line with our initial thinking, so we moved from an ad based model
  • We learnt that people love good background music while learning, but want the option of turning it off when they like
  • We learnt that

What's next for Outside

  • Launching on the app stores later this month
  • Continuing to acquire user feedback to improve our AR learning experiences

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