Monique's Inspiration:I was raised by a single mother with mental, emotional, and physical health problems; as such, I had rough childhood and an erratic education (14 schools in 12 years). Fortunately, I was introduced to the library system and librarians at the age of 5. I supplemented my education by reading every book I could in every library I could access. Even now, though my wife and I are both disabled, we are also my mother's primary caregivers. While I don't have children, I always wanted to help kids that were in situations like mine. How can a child become a successful and productive member of society, if they don't have a stable home life or access to educators like I had?

EJ's Inspiration:I realized something when I self-isolated. I will still need to go out and gather provisions for the family when our supply runs out because I am a breadwinner. I was able to isolate until I got cleared by the physician only because I was well-informed about the pandemic and my family was able to prepare for the crisis and that I have great leaders and employers. I have access to what my family needs like Tele-medicine, communication tools and other employee benefits. I worry about the others who are not as blessed.

What it does

Teaches players behaviors that will help reduce the spread of Coronavirus, thus Flattening the Curve, and reducing/preventing the strain on hospitals. The desired game actions will be customizable by doctors, our AI (IRIS-med) will customize player trainings based on prior decisions, and game actions will be rewarded with cryptocurrency that can be used to buy/sell/ or trade for in-game items.,

How I built it

I used HTML, CSS, and JS to build the faucet. Scratch and Blockly to model the simulation. And, authoritative primary sources (WHO, etc) to inform the design.

Challenges I ran into

Building a team for a game, when people want to put their efforts to something that directly address problems apparent from COVID-19 crisis. Articulating the small scale, elevator pitch version. Working through illnesses, mine and one of our rescues who began a seizure cluster on day 2 of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Participating in a global effort to address this crisis. Meeting amazing, talented people with their own visions, and desires for a more prepared future. And, drum roll, please... Building a proof-of-concept in days, with my illness and our rescue's epilepsy, we usually take weeks to months to develop POCs.

What I learned

The world is ready for augmented games that teach critical thinking in disaster situations.

What's next for Pandemic Patch - Augmented Reality Game

Create the next level of complexity by turning the simulations into Augmented Reality actions.  Connect the game to the blockchain.  Deck out the Expansion Pack: Flatten the Curve. Use any profits to help RESQ plant trees to prevent further spread of viruses resulting from loss of wildlife habitat.

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