I was looking for cases in my locality and near by places but couldn't find it details. I felt it could be common problem with other people as well.

What it does

Pandemic Tracker collect data from multiple open sources and also collect input from users about illness symptoms which are related to COVID-19. It generate report and show cases around you. Later this project can help to keep informed about other seasonal flu's and major disesases. To authenticate and receive accurate the data in system we can also integrate with medical practices of city (Future scope).

How we built it

Project is developed on microservice architecture using latest tech stack and deployed on AWS.Data is pulled from open source platform (github) and manually uploaded csv and text files.

Challenges we ran into

Data colllection and frequency.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully implemented workflow that could make people aware of the cases in society.

What we learned

I learned cloud stack some developing UI components using Charts.

What's next for Pandemic Tracker

Next phase is to ingtegrate with data provider for health. Start predicting forecast of affected and recovered areas and how it will impact people in those areas. Also update the domain name to

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