Covid-19 pandemic is changing our lives: social distancing measures are necessary now to slow down the virus diffusion and will be in the future to avoid its resurgence. Space data and services by EU including Copernicus images and Galileo positioning, are key enabler for many smartphone applications and services supporting citizen and authorities in facing the challenge of protecting our health. Smartphone tracking capabilities engineered by Galileo and other GNSS including GPS are core elements of apps allowing authorities to track the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure the respect of the mandatory quarantines, queue management apps are already being developed ensuring that persons will respect the needed distance while waiting their turn. A non-exhaustive list of examples of such apps are available here ( Copernicus data, on the other hand, can be important to correlate the virus spread with some phenomena observable from the space such as air quality and its composition. The Commission encourages the use of those EU services and space data to develop applications and services supporting the collective response to this crisis.


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