I'm inspired by people who have to work at risk of infection, and we're going to have to get back to regular interaction with work/shop/play and we will be at risk of infection.

What it does

PAT is a voice-based personal assistant that we can use to organize our personal schedule, as well as organize with others, whether its work, or shopping, or play. I think it probably should connect with our google calendar. It should also be smart enough to take our temperature, and be able to inform everyone we've been connected with-in our network when our temperature increases, going back to 14 days or more.

How I built it

I haven't built it yet, but I'm imagining having to learn a lot of alexa and AWS as well as python and javascript, google calendar API, and other techs I haven't imagined yet or encountered yet.

Challenges I ran into

I'll be challenged with learning how to do this, and doing it on my own at least in the beginning.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'll feel accomplished being able to get some headway, get at least a proof of concept down, and convincing people to participate and contribute.

What I learned

I will learn a lot of technical skills and soft skills to recruit and motivate people.

What's next for PAT

Put it out there for the community to use? Commercialization? Develop a sustainable business model? Help conquer people's fear of going out to work, shop, play?



alexa, amazon-web-services, javascript, python, sqlite

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