Doctors who are working day and night to rescue people from COVID-19.

What it does

It monitors a patient based on their body temperature and pulse rate. If there's any emergency or any help is required to that patient,this system will automatically sends a message to the Doctor.

How I built it

Firstly,  I bought some hardware stuff like arduino UNO, sensors,gsm module etc. Secondly, I made a code in arduino ide which is based on c/c++. Thirdly, it's debugging Lastly, making connection according to code and rectifying errors.

Challenges I ran into

I made so many errors first time but it helped me to learn more. I had burn some arduino's but at last I had made it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Through this project so many people life's can be saved including Doctors and Nurses. It's like a Doctor is observing a patient for 24 hrs.

What I learned

Smart work can give results more faster then doing hardwork.

What's next for Patient Monitoring System

We can connect thermal scanner and more advanced technology in future.



arduino, c++, gsm-module

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