Was checking current departures. And thought I'd buy a ticket to support airlines, no need to even go anywhere. If they can later give me a discount for that or smh — brilliant. Otherwise even a donation will do.

What it does

  1. You pay forward to a local business you want to support. Either by adding them to a database or by finding.
  2. Other people donate too. Random donators are assigned to be ambassadors.
  3. Ambassadors share in social media and with flyers offline link to local businesses page.
  4. The more people spread the word, the more is being donated and keep at least unique local gems afloat.

How we built it

A single page react app; Payment solution with SquareSpace; KYB (know your business) service to verify businesses so they can claim a donation; Certificate issuing database and service created.

Challenges we ran into

Payment has to be handled by a trustworthy authority/company.

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