PROBLEM THAT INSPIRED :  As per the growing numbers show , Covid-19 has taken the form of a pandemic worldwide , and controlling it's spread has gone out of hand of many developed nations .

Although precaution measures including lockdown of the states in each country is being implemented in most of the countries , the peer to peer spread of the virus can't yet be stopped to any extent yet ! With concern to India , such a densely populated country , the situation will very soon go beyond the control of the administration and medical representatives .

For us to together curb the spread of this virus we must all be showing our educated steps towards the situation . There is a large percentage of people in context of India who have no access to media , even if they find some resources , there is a high chance of that being fake or plagiarized .

So the need of the hour is to make reach to every possible corner of the country to get to them the correct information regarding what to do during this pandemic . We would aim towards reaching the most number of people so that we can cover every remote area even if there's a single person with internet access .

What the product does :  PCovid-19 is a collaborative platform of state and district administration , with the nearest medical facility detected by the users current location . We also have linked the region wise Covid19 patients tracker so people have an idea on their surroundings .

The users will be getting high quality explanatory videos on the site regarding the "At Home Production " of essentials such as N95 masks and Hand sanitizers . The videos will be an interactive platform which will be updated regularly for the users to benefit .

How we built it:- The website for PCOVID19 was built by using Html,Css, Java script and the chat bot was made by the help of messenger.

Challenges I ran into :  The site features a Chatbot which makes it a  collaborative platform that is yet not present in India . People who fear getting infected don't know what steps to take next . Here the chatbot serves as a guide to connect them to the local administration and medical facilities . During our time of working with the prototype we faced challenge in developing the Chatbot . We are not chasing perfection but are looking forward to make it better with every iteration . Any help in this regard is highly appreciated .  Also we would want the government executives to help us in making our database more extensive , comprising of more precise and accurate information .

Accomplishments that we are proud of :

The team has worked hard day in and out for completing the Minimum Time Prototype . We are glad that we could complete the idea that we thought of initially and could efficiently convert it into a working model . With this minimum timed prototype we participated in a global Hackathon supported by the Government which did have teams of diverse potentials and abilities . We still managed to reach till the Top 300 benchmark for it . We feel with time we can refine our idea well and look forward to make the product ready to be launched with proper guidance .

What we learned: As per our research we do have competition based on the tertiary interests we serve like content streaming , Live Tracker , and Important updates . But , as of now no one yet has come up with all of this dedicatedly at a single platform . So in that respect we already ace the competition .  Also our USP is where no one has yet started working on . A collective database of all the districts is nowhere present in India yet . We surely have an edge over there .

What's next for the Team :  During the past days , our team has already started it's work aganst this pandemic . We have developed the website already . The database of most states is created and is open for regular revisions . We will currently devote work along developing the chatbot and make it better

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