I'm always thinking about how I can leverage the lives of millions in micro-managing their finances compared to the present world cumbersome solutions.

What it does

FinanceDaily: A complete automated financial solution that advises a person on his/his day to day expenditure, fully personalized on his/her own behavior of expenditure.

FinancePlanner: Say you want to buy a new Macbook pro, we help you do all the math, relieve the pain of budget planning and give you the pinpoint data on how much you should spend every day in different liabilities (food, shopping, saving, etc) to regain the money you spent on the Macbook pro.

FinanceNow: A complete solution that leverages the data PennyWise collects from every person and curate them in the form of an index on a person's behavior in following. => MicroFinance. A platform to microfinance from your circles. => EvenFInance. A platform to finance from larger loan companies

Challenges I ran into

  • Plaid API services do not work in my country and I had to work with example responses
  • The Docusign API wasn't properly documented, so I had to code it myself

What's next for PennyWise

Stay Tuned

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dialogflow, docusign, flask, plaid, react-native

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