Our inspiration is helping people to sending correct message to correct service system of E-gov. We saw experience that 63 percents of people who want to send message was type them wrong. We think our solution is best practice for them.

What it does

This app send automatically written SMS to E-gov service with selected category when you want.

How we built it

We build this application with Java in Android Studio Ide. The design prepared in Adobe XD.

Challenges we ran into

Sending correct written message to E-gov service to reduce their wrong message checking.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Now this application used by many people, and all of users love its clean design, timer functionality and etc. We are proud to help these people, and they love our work.

What we learned

We learned how to help government, how they work with services, how they manage to reply all received SMS's in short time period.

What's next for Per-mission

We created tracking application also, the next step is merging two mobile application to use them all features in one mobile application. After that we translate application to requested languages to serve in many countries.



android-studio, java

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