To help the global crisis currently, countries are facing in supply chain, The Inspiration of PharmaChain is to eradicate the chain of forged pharmaceuticals and eliminate the risk imposed on health due to such substandard products. It will also serve as a tool for pharmaceutical companies and distributors to track the path of their assets. Drugs and pharmacy products are sensitive products. Any carelessness in these products can lead to harm to life. Their counterfeits impose an omnipresent risk.

What it does

Pharmachain will use blockchain technology to ensure that no frauds go undetected in the supply chain, i.e. assets going missing or fraudulent products being added to the chain. The decentralized nature of blockchain makes it sure that no single entity governs or modifies the records. Drug inspectors can verify the drugs once and for all directly from the manufacturing plants instead of wasting time and resources in raiding chemists and distributors. The transparency and security of the blockchain will handle the rest. The synchronization ability of blockchain solves the problems of irregularities in records among different entities. In the end, blockchain technology helps to create an environment of trust among the manufacturers, distributors, chemists, and customers. The system will provide different user interfaces for different actors, each interface providing the functionalities related to that particular actor. The interface will be a web application.

How we built it

We built our application using Blockchain Technology Hyperledger Fabric, Chaincodes are written in Go Lang and middleware was written in NodeJS meanwhile, we developed our frontend by Using ReactJS.

Challenges we ran into

Working on new technologies are exciting but challenging as well as, our team started working on emerging technology blockchain in very initial phase of its arrival, lack of community support, studying core concepts of blockchain its usage, working flow and all were big challenge to our team, we have done it because it was interesting and our will power is extreme high to get it done.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Contributing in the society is our mission, health and education are the core sector in which geeks like us can make things easier for millions of people, thousands of suppliers and hundreds of companies, so of course PharmaChain is our pride, through this we will contribute for the humans.

What we learned

Developing PharmaChain was amazing experience we have learnt a lot of things which is difficult to express here but we would love to share few things, We learnt how to work as a team, how to work for the goals, how to work for a problem solving product, how to work for a cause.

What's next for PharmaChain

Our development part is 100% done, the next we are looking into is to Launch it worldwide as world's Pharma companies, suppliers and end users start  benefiting from it, but for the we need funds for advertisement & marketing as well as assistance in worldwide launching.



azure, blockchain, fabric, go, hyperledger, node.js

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