We are inspired by the idea of how to give people on public transport security again. In order to achieve important goals, such as sustainable mobility, it is essential to increase public transport again. This should not be replaced by invidiual transport due to the corona crisis. The comeback of public transport is economically and ecologically relevant.

What it does

Through entering your timeslots, we can all help together to prevent overloading public transport and make it safer to use.

How we built it

Our goal is to develop a white paper and a several mock-ups as a proposal for existing mobility providers

Challenges we ran into

When we talked to people, we realized that they are longing for a return to normality. However, they are afraid of crowded trains and buses. We want to counter this fear with our solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

We can make a difference if we help together and improve our ideas mutually

What's next for Physical distancing in public transport (Team PublicSpacers)

  1. Refining our solution and to provide a solid white paper describing all aspects of it
  2. Implementation support for existing mobility providers

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