Social distancing is the most effective way to fight infectious diseases like Covid-19. That’s why it is paramount to help people avoid crowding, especially in critical areas of our communities like grocery stores and Medical Stores.

While directives from governments are needed and essential, unfortunately, any panic or queues that we have witnessed increase infection risk whenever long lines form for necessary supplies like food and medicine. Proactive measures like having folks standing farther from each other may help, but still, have the risk of exposure in especially small areas. While we wait for wide-scale rapid testing to be deployed worldwide, enforcing social distancing is our best bet to flatten the curve.

What it does

PickupAtShop allows Grocery/Medical stores to quickly and easily register their shop and set up virtual queues where anyone with a network connection can order and pick-up their items.

Grocery/Medical Stores will also get an option to download a profile which have a QR code so that if anyone who is not known of this web app can directly scan the QR and go to the dedicated shop page so that from next time he can make order through the web App.

Customer just have to find the nearby shop and when they find the available shop just have to give their required necessary items and submit with the mobile number. Customer with the option just have to wait at home and can go to pick up their listed items on their available slot time.

By using this platform customer can shop essential items from home safely by avoiding crowd. Once the items are checked by the stores, a notification will go to the user about the total amount of the said items and the available slot time on which he can go to pick up the items, customer just have to select the slot time according to their availability.

Customer can pay the amount digitally through any UPI which is used by the Shop. By doing this customer can maintain the social distancing and help in promoting the digital payment prospect and will avoid cash circulation from hand to hand.

How I built it

I have used the Wordpress Multisite feature and hosted it on CentOS server.

Challenges I ran into

Major challenge i am facing to get the list of all the products so that autocomplete feature can be provided to customers while creating the order.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally achieved the exact flow which i have started thinking to develop.

What I learned

Working on Wordpress from many years, but whenever i use it again, i will learn something new for sure.

What's next for PickupAtShop - No More Queues, Stay Safe

Next is to connect it with Mobile App to make it easy for Shop Owners and Customers.

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